Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

Visit the locations where this classic movie was filmed. Pick up memorabilia and experience the Hitchcock Film Festival.

Bodega Bay was one of Hitchcock’s favorite seaside towns. The town itself appears mostly untouched since the filming of his classic, “The Birds”.

As you may find out, this movie was based on a real incident that happened further down the coast.

The old Potter School house, iconic St. Theresa’s Church, and many of the ocean front establishments and marina can still be seen today.

The birds themselves are everywhere, of course. Not only a bird-watchers paradise but also a place of interest for real film enthusiasts.

Follow the Bay Hill Road into Bodega Bay to see the majestic views that “Tippi” saw as she drove her silver Aston Martin into town for the first time.

The Hitchcock Film Festival is held at Bodega Bay Grange Hall, and runs at the end of March. Special guests and Hitchcock enthusiasts open each film with fun facts and highlights.

The Bodega Bay Beach House has several of Hitchcock’s movies on DVD, including “The Birds”.

Hitchcock memorabilia (at the Bodega Country Store), the old Potter School house, and the church can be seen in Bodega town, a short drive away.