Secret path to the beach

Okay, so it may not be such a secret path. At least not to the locals. But everyone else will have trouble finding it.

And also, my kids seem to love knowing that it’s a “secret”. Probably because it’s also been weaved into many pirate stories over the years.

Anyway, the owner (me) can give you more details on how to find the legendary path that leads down to Doran Beach, if needed.

Or maybe you’d prefer to go on an adventure yourself and try and find it!

Otherwise, for those of you who cannot stand the suspense, here are the step-by-step walking directions:

  1. Take a right out of the driveway of 21002 Heron Drive
  2. Take the first left on to Gull Drive
  3. Follow the road down the hill until you come to an old wooden fence (you will see it on the left side of the road but can easily be missed)
  4. You’ll see a narrow trail that runs next to the wooden fence
  5. Go down this narrow path (but watch out for the mountain lion that lives in the trees)
  6. Within seconds you’ll come to a pedestrian crossroads
  7. Take a right at the cross roads (on to a wider path)
  8. Follow this path to the end
  9. You’ll see another narrow trail that leads to the beach at the end of the dead end road

Watch out, as there are some steep drops on this last path, and parts of it are eroding. And don’t tell anyone else about this secret path.